“The future of agriculture
lies in the balance
between tradition
and progression.”

Heinrich Wilhelm,
Founder of equilibrium-fs – farming solutions

equilibrium-fs strives to play an active role in the reorientation of agriculture. We not only offer extensive consultation and efficient products, but also work in partnership with farmers to facilitate the transition to sustainable farming systems, securing the long-term existence of farms.


equilibrium-fs represents our belief in a form of agriculture that is in harmony with nature and the needs of future generations. At a time when conventional and organic farming are converging or merging, we are committed to supporting the transformation to sustainable farming systems. Our aim is to successfully combine organic and conventional approaches in order to meet the growing demands in terms of performance, efficiency, CO2 sequestration, environmental sustainability and profitability.


Heinrich Wilhelm, the founder of equilibrium-fs, has over 30 years of experience in plant cultivation and has gained extensive experience in various areas of the agricultural industry. In addition to holding senior corporate positions in the crop protection industry and in agricultural wholesale (crop protection, fertilizers, seeds and home & garden), Heinrich Wilhelm has also worked successfully in agricultural trade (grain and oilseed trade).

Bringing dozens of new and contemporary products to the European market – his career reflects his in-depth understanding of the agricultural sector. With many years of experience in sales, marketing, product management, and country management, he brings not only knowledge but also a spirit of innovation. This is reflected in the introduction of new processes in arable farming. For example, he initiated fertilizer starter-application with micro-granular formulation as seed band fertilization for maize, sugar beet and potatoes in Germany.

equilibrium-fs is more than just a company – it is a community of experts and partners who are passionately committed to promoting sustainable agricultural cultivation systems. The main areas we consult in include plant protection and fertilization for conventional and organic farms, bacterial products for arable farming and animal husbandry, as well as biostimulants. The following areas are also supported:

  1. Potential and feasibility analyses, market preparation
  2. Product management
  3. Marketing projects
  4. Business development
  5. Key account management
  6. Sales representation

equilibrium-fs maintains partnerships with the companies De Sangosse SAS (sales support) and with an Austrian University of Applied Sciences for the efficiency improvement project. The company is working with supporters and partners from various countries to build up its portfolio.

Why are we
doing this?

Green Deal

The Green Deal, which among other things aims to reduce the use of pesticides and mineral fertilizers and improve biodiversity, finally initiates a change of perspective in agriculture. The guidelines are geared towards climate change and new sustainable processes, although some new processes have not yet been developed. The political pressure on the agricultural sector is being significantly increased and with it the speed at which it must adapt to this process. Modern agriculture must be put in a position to react to the changed situation.

Consumer demand

In fruit and vegetable cultivation, sustainable strategies have been used for years as farms have had to adapt to the stricter requirements and framework conditions of customers. In arable farming more and more agreements are now being made to reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This reorientation of farms requires alternative cultivation strategies.

Meat production

In animal husbandry, it is becoming more difficult to reliably plan investments in the long term. The implementation of new guidelines regarding modified forms of husbandry and stricter requirements for the use of organic fertilizers also pose new challenges. In addition, society’s meat consumption is declining, which is leading to a reduction in animal numbers.

Farm adaptation

Despite all the challenges, agriculture in Germany, just as in Europe, will have to implement political requirements such as animal welfare, reduction of chemical pesticides and nutrient quantities and more targeted control of nutrient flows. There is currently no viable alternative.

Increased efficiency

The keyword for arable farming and specialty crops will be central in the coming years. All inputs will be optimized, supported or even controlled by AI solutions. equilibrium-fs will drive these changes with new biological solutions such as effective biostimulants, bacterial products and highly efficient fertilizers. We will also provide biological products for animal feed that naturally improve feed efficiency.


Agriculture must face up to the many challenges and realign itself. It needs innovative ideas and, above all, the courage to try out new things and establish them on farms. Take the opportunity to find out more about our portfolio and the products we can use to support you in the conversion of your farm.

“Only change and courage
can move agriculture forward.”

Heinrich Wilhelm
Founder of equilibrium-fs – farming solutions